Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. First dance called Isaias
The couple has just arrived at the church. Everyone is clapping.
Best friend's strong hug to the bride. At the backround a boat at the sea
A warm kiss to the bride from the groom during the ceremony.
Beautiful bride during the ceremony.
Couple during Isais first dance. Quests are throwing rice to the couple due to the custom.
Greek Orthodox ceremony. The couple are having the wedding wreath.
Greek Orthodox ceremony. The wedding wreath got knotting on the wedding bouquet.
The bride is going down the stairs, she is accompanied by her father and brother.
Greek Orthodox wedding, the bride is looking at the groom. Wedding Photography Ioanna Chatzidiakou.
Greek Orhodox wedding, bride steps on groom's foot by the Greek tradition.
Wedding at the beach. The groom is wiping his tears.Photography Ioanna Chatzidiakou.
A young boy was tangled up in bride's wedding dress
Best woman is helping the bride with her hair during the ceremony
Wedding at the beach. The bride is giving a strong hug and kiss to her nephew seated at the sand
Grondmother touches affectionately her grandchild which is the bride after the ceremony.
Best man is fixing the bride's wedding wreath. She is hurting a bit cause her hair is pulled.
The bride got thirsty. She is drinking water after the ceremony seated in a chair.
Walking down the aisle on a sunny day.
A warm kiss from the groom to the bride during the ceremony.
Walking down the aisle.
A galss of water is given to the bride and groom before the ceremony
Best woman is changing the wedding wreath in a Greek orthodox wedding.
Just married and happy in a picturesque scenery.
A portrait of a bride in Greek orthodox wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom are having a warm after the ceremony.
The bride, the groom and two more couples are kissing after the ceremony.
Detail of the wedding dress during the ceremony.
The bride and the groom is looking at each other during the ceremony.